Centre for Human Virology Seminar Series

Wednesday 25th May, 1-2pm, N143, IBR Seminar Room
"Structure and composition of hepatitis C virus: novel insights into virus-host interactions required for propagation of infection"
Speaker: Maria Teresa Catanese, King's College London
Host: Dr Zania Stamataki

Wednesday 29th June, 1-2pm, N143, IBR Seminar Room
"Orbiviruses and Rotaviruses – unanswered molecular questions in viral replication and pathogenesis"
Speaker: Dr Mark Boyce, Pirbright Institute
Host: Professor Jane McKeating


Friday 10th June 2016, Biosciences, UoB
More than Mice: Alternative Models in Biology

A FREE one day, student-led conference, highlighting new and refined models and their applications in Biological  research.

Keynote speakers include Dr Sally Roberts, Centre for Human Virology, University of Birmingham 
"3D stratified skin model from primary keratinocytes to investigate viral infection"

Centre for Human Virology Research Away Day

Friday 1st July 2016 
Centre for Professional Development, College of Medical and Dental Sciences

Registration details to follow