ResearchCurrent research focuses on these key areas:

Immune regulation in liver disease

  • The role of specific adhesion molecules and chemokines in the regulation of lymphocyte recruitment to the liver and gut.
  • The role of dendritic cells in regulating local immune responses in the liver.
  • Function of TNF receptor family members in controlling cellular activation and death.
  • Inflammation of the human liver and how this is linked to the development and progression of injury.

Hepatitis virology and immune evasion

  • Determinants of cell tropism for hepatitis viruses.
  • Immune evasion by hepatitis C and hepatitis B.

Primary liver cancer

  • Gene therapy and novel therapeutic interventions in hepatitis and non-hepatitis associated primary liver cancer.
  • Immune responses to hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma and biomarkers for these cancers.

Tissue Injury and Transplantation

  • Immunity and cell-mediated injury in the liver.
  • Molecular regulation of ischemia reperfusion and pre-conditioning in the liver.
  • Regulation of inflammation in the liver.

Clinical Trials in Liver Disease

Our basic science research is being translated into early phase clinical trials through the NIHR Biomedical Research Unit in Liver disease. We are also involved in a large number of pharmaceutical trials of new treatments for liver disease. Details of the trials can be found here and on our public involvement page.