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Here is a selection of our recent high impact publications with a specific focus on miscarriage. To view the full range from our expert scientists on staff profiles visit the Our Staff page. 

Author(s) Title Journal and date
Arri Coomarasamy, Helen Williams, et al. 

PROMISE: first-trimester progesterone therapy in women with a history of unexplained recurrent miscarriages - a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, international multicentre trial and economic evaluation

HTA, 2016
Arri Coomarasamy, Helen Williams, et al. 

A Randomized Trial of Progesterone in Women with Recurrent Miscarriages

NEJM, 2015
Arri Coomarasamy, Shakila Thangaratinam, Alex Tan, Ellen Knox, Mark D Kilby, Jayne Franklyn

Association between thyroid autoantibodies and miscarriage and preterm birth: meta-analysis of evidence


BMJ, 2011

Arri Coomarasamy, Ewa G Truchanowicz, Raj Rai

Does first trimester progesterone prophylaxis increase the live birth rate in women with unexplained recurrent miscarriages? BMJ, 2011


The effect of sperm DNA fragmentation on miscarriage rates: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Hum Rep, 2012


Association between response to ovarian stimulation and miscarriage following IVF: an analysis of 124 351 IVF pregnancies

Hum Rep, 2014
Lissauer DM, Piper KP, Moss PA, Kilby MD

Fetal-specific CD8+ cytotoxic T cell responses develop during normal human pregnancy and exhibit broad functional capacity

J Immunol, 2012
David Lissauer, Oliver Goodyear, Rahela Khanum, Paul A. H. Moss, Mark D. Kilby

Profile of maternal CD4 T-cell effector function during normal pregnancy and in women with a history of recurrent miscarriage (Clin Sci 2014)


Clin Sci, 2014

RK Dhillon, SC Hillman, RK Morris, D McMullan, D Williams, A Coomarasamy, MD Kilby


Additional information from chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA) over conventional karyotyping when diagnosing chromosomal abnormalities in miscarriage: a systematic review and meta-analysis BJOG, 2014