Cell Free Fetal DNA (cffDNA) Testing for Miscarriage

Despite tremendous recent advances in non-invasive prenatal DNA tests for chromosomal and genetic disorders, to date there has been little research into the use of such testing in early miscarriage. 

Yet it could be very useful. Investigations of cell free fetal DNA from a maternal blood sample whilst the pregnancy remains in situ could help to address the question of why did it happen in addition to informing prognosis and influencing management. It could provide information particularly when pregnancy tissues are not available for analysis. In addition, it could inform routine clinical practice and clinical trials; for example, the detection of aneuploidy could prevent futile treatment with anti-thrombophilic drugs in women with thrombophilia.

This exciting project has the scope to develop and validate a novel diagnostic blood test to understand chromosomal and genetic causes of miscarriage.

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