Postgraduate study in the Centre

Training future researchers is a major remit of the MRC Centre for Immune Regulation, and its remit encompasses the recruitment, retention and successful development of promising young researchers.

MRC PhD Studentships

Since its inception in 1999, over 80 postgraduate students have successfully completed their PhD studies across many internationally recognized laboratories within the MRC Centre for Immune Regulation.

Following their appointment to a 4-year graduate PhD position, students are allocated two academic supervisors to ensure that an appropriate level of support and guidance is available. In addition, students are able assigned an Academic Mentor, who is responsible for their pastoral care. Progress of PhD students is carefully monitored, and students compile a written Annual Report, in which they summarise their research projects. This Report then forms the basis for a progress discussion with two academics in complimentary research areas.

To aid in the development of presentation in skills, PhD students also present their findings to their peers at a ‘Breakfast Seminar Club’, which the students themselves chair. Students also participate in a School of Immunity and Infection ‘Research Away Day’, which gives students a chance to meet and discuss their projects with their peers.

Graduating MRC Centre Students: The Final Word

Over the years, students from the MRC Centre have chosen to pursue a wide range of career tracks, including postdoctoral positions academia and industry, both within the UK and overseas, as well as positions in clinical academia and the NHS. Click here for some examples and comments from recent students.