Research in the Centre

The MRC Centre for Immune Regulation covers a wide portfolio of research interests, the main themes of which are outlined below.

Mechanisms in lymphocyte development and selection

Professor Graham Anderson - Professor of T-Lymphocyte Biology

Professor Jon Frampton - Professor of Stem Cell Biology

Dr Jorge Caamano - Senior Lecturer

Dr William Jenkinson - Lecturer

Induction and regulation of immunity in secondary lymphoid tissues

Professor Peter Lane - Professor of Immunology

Professor Ian MacLennan - Emeritus Professor of Immunology

Professor Adam Cunningham - RCUK Roberts Fellow

Professor Calman MacLennan - Honorary Professor / Honorary Consultant Immunologist

Dr Kai Toellner - Senior Research Fellow

Professor Peter Cockerill - Chair of Cytokine Gene Regulation

Mechanisms in chronic inflammation

Professor Chris Buckley - ARC Professor of Rheumatology

Professor Gerard Nash - Professor of Cardiovascular Rheology

Dr Karim Raza - Reader in Clinical Rheumatology and Honorary Consultant

Dr Andrew Filer - Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist

Dr Dagmar Scheel Toellner - Senior Research Fellow

Dr G Ed Rainger - BHF Basic Sciences Lecturer

Professor Steve Watson - BHF Professor in Cardiovascular Sciences and Cellular Pharmacology

Cellular immunity to viral infection and tumours

Professor Paul Moss - Professor of Haematology

Professor Alan Rickinson - Professor of Cancer Studies

Professor Jane McKeating - Professor of Molecular Virology

Graham Taylor - Lecturer in Tumour Immunology

Dr Ben Willcox - Reader in Molecular Immunology

Dr Mark Cobbold - Clinical Lecturer

Cellular and molecular models of chemokine activity

Professor Antal Rot - Professor of Immunology

Impact of ageing on the immune response and immune mediated disease

Professor Janet Lord - Professor of Molecular Immunology

Translational Development

Professor David Adams - Professor of Hepatology