The latest stories relating to obesity research going on at the University of Birmingham, as well as how the public can get involved and/or learn more. 

"Obesity Ambassadors" Initiative:

The West Midlands leads the way in the rising obesity tide across the UK, with 28% of men obese and a further 48% overweight, with figures amongst women showing 29% are obese, 33% overweight and only 36% normal weight. Most worryingly, West Midlands children are amongst the fattest in England. 34% of boys are either overweight or obese and 30.6% of girls. 

Whilst 19.1% of children in year 6 (ages 10-11) are obese, even in reception classes (age 4-5) over 10% of children are obese.Now is the time to act if we want to change the upward trend of these alarming statistics. With this in mind, the Centre for Obesity Research is launching a new ongoing drive to get the public more involved in its research.

We have recruited several members of the local community to help us start a dialogue between the researchers and obesity experts at the university and the public. They will help us translate exciting new discoveries in prevention and treatment of obesity in a relatable and easy-to-understand way, and in turn will advise us on the most pressing matters on people's minds when it comes to tackling weight and healthy living issues. Hopefully we can help each other - watch here for updates!

However, we are still hoping that the wider West Midlands and UK community will continue to get involved in the the Centre for Obesity Research's work. You can help us design exciting ways to communicate obesity research, and give us input on the topics and issues that you care about and which impact your lives, so that you can help shape our research here for the wider public good.

If you want to be involved, simply send a short e-mail introducing yourself to Dr Eliot Marston (, the Centre's Translational Research Manager, and he will explain the next steps.