Delivering clinical impact

The following selected examples provide an insight into the real-life impact of our research, showcasing our ability to translate discoveries into benefits for patients.

 Close up graphic of a foetus with umbilical chord

Screening heart disease in newborn babies

Critical congenital heart defects occur in around 2 in 1000 babies, and are a leading cause of infant death. 

 Graphic close up of DNA

Improving diagnosis and critical care for rare inherited diabetes syndromes

There are over 6,000 “rare” diseases. Collectively they account for disease in 5-10% of the UK population.

 assorted pharmaceutical capsules and medication in different colors denoting different drugs and antibiotics

Changing policy to prevent antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest challenges to human health in the 21st century, with global reliance on antibiotics threatened by the emergence of new resistant strains. 


Reducing delays for patients with a new onset of rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a common destructive joint disease, causing pain and swelling, affecting 1 in 100 people.  

 Close up graphic representation of the heart within the chest

Tackling heart rhythm abnormality management and therapy through primary care

Atrial fibrillation is the commonest heart rhythm abnormality, raising risk of stroke and death, affecting around 8.8 million people in the EU.  

 Dental mirror and femal patient

Development of predictive technologies for periodontal disease

Inflammatory periodontitis is a complex disease affecting 50% of adults globally. It costs the UK economy £2.8billion and has health impacts beyond just dental issues. 

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