The Carer Experience Scale (CES)

The Carer Experience Scale (CES) is a profile measure of the caring experience for use in economic evaluation. Unlike most profile measures used in economic evaluations, the CES focuses on 'care-related quality of life' rather than health-related quality of life, comprising attributes that are pertinent to unpaid carers.

The CES comprises six attributes:

  • Activities
  • Support (from family and friends)
  • Assistance (from organisations)
  • Fulfillment
  • Control
  • Getting-on (with the care recipient)

The CES profile measure was developed using qualitative methods. A set of index values for the CES have been estimated using a best-worst scaling study of unpaid carers for older people in England.

CES Registration...

Before using the CES in your study please register with us first. You do not have to pay to use the measure, but please complete the registration form

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CES Questionnaire...

You can download a copy of the CES questionnaire by clicking on the following link: CES questionnaire

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If you are interested in translating the CES into another language please contact Hareth Al-Janabi 

Download guidance on the scoring of the CES instrument and for the STATA code 

CES Applications...

The CES is currently being used in the UK and Australia and in cross sectional studies studies of carer wellbeing and service evaluations. 

If you are interested in discussing whether the CES might be useful in your study please contact Hareth Al-Janabi