Research Questions

The overarching research question is:-

After graduation, how do homeopaths and osteopaths negotiate building a career that is personally and financially sustainable, and continue to develop their professional knowledge and skills?

Detailed sub-questions include:

  • In what ways has the regulatory, economic and policy environment affected this?
  • To what extent are practitioners able to depend on their practice to support themselves and their families? 
  •  What embodied, emotional and social impacts do attempts to maintain a high quality and successful practice have on them?
  • In the absence of established career structures, what sort of professional and personal networks do practitioners draw on after leaving the educational environment?
  • What sort of formal continuing professional development do graduates undertake?
  • What is the role of self-directed and informal learning or ad hoc reflection in practice and what are the challenges in maintaining this? 
  • Is the embodied and reflexive approach to learning and development of expertise that is privileged in training maintained by practitioners post-qualification? 
  •  What are the boundaries between personal and professional life in the learning and development that they undertake?
  • What are the differences and similarities between the two professional groups?