AHRC Meeting 4

28th & 29th March 2012

Support for, and obstacles to, successful post-separation family life  

The extent to which successful post-separation life is encouraged in the UK and elsewhere, resistance to policy solutions, obstacles to the implementation of alternative policies and drivers for different international approaches.

Meeting 4 Delegate List

Meeting 4 Programme

Meeting 4 summary

Heather Draper - Welcome & Introduction

Chair: A Masardo
Hannah Zegel
The impact of parental separation and maintaining parental contact on young adults’ transition to University in the UK

Chair: A Masardo
Michaela Schier
Challenges and opportunities of multi-local post-separation family life for parents and children in Germany

Chair: N Nikolina
Mike Coote
DRS: possibilities for the future

Chair: T Sorell
Bryan Rodgers
Reflections from Australia

Chair: J Ives
Richard Collier
Men, Masculinities and the Social and Legal Contexts of Fathers' Rights Activism

Chair: H Draper
Cary Baff and Giles Berrisford
Forced Family Separation - Some Reflections on the Impact of Immigration in the United Kingdom

Chair: S McKay
Tina Haux
Sharing the cost of post separation parenting

Chair: S McKay
Alex Masardo
The influence of state welfare benefits provision on patterns of post-separation care for children.

Chair: R Collier
Robert Kenedy
Transitions to Post-Divorced Fatherhood and Shared Parenting: A Canadian Perspective

Chair: J Ives
Special Session:
The Moral Habitus Of Fatherhood
Tina Miller & Jonathan Ives

Chair: H Draper
State of Play in the UK
Liz Trinder, Ceridwen Roberts & Mavis Mclean