SURVEILLE Advisory Service Evaluation

SURVEILLE aims to analyse the effectiveness of security and surveillance technology, and the ethical and legal issues raised by their use in serious crime and counter-terrorism operations.

Surveillance technologies designed to prevent and investigate serious crime (including counter-terrorism) have become increasingly sophisticated and powerful. Whilst the ability of law enforcement to conduct its work efficiently is important; the design, implementation and use of sophisticated surveillance technologies often requires consideration of important ethical questions.

  • What are the fundamental rights upon which such technologies may impinge?
  • What is the correct balance between securing citizens from serious crime and protecting their privacy?
  • Should developers of these technologies incorporate “privacy-by-design”?
  • Do developers have an obligation to prevent the misuse of their software?

The SURVEILLE project provides an advisory service to developers and end users to assist them in deploying this technology in ways which are consistent with their ethical and human rights obligations.

Professor Heather Draper and Dr Jonathan Herington are responsible for the evaluation of this advisory service. They will assess the extent to which users of the advisory service are already aware of the ethical ramifications of their work and the degree to which the advisory service provides them with objective, confidential and constructive advice. Their findings will be used to help improve the service as it operates and to evaluate its impact.

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SURVEILLE is a collaborative research partnership of nine institutions lead by the European University Institute and funded by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme (FP7-SEC-2011.6.1-5).