PoSH Online Research Teaching e-Library (PORTeL): Facilitating self-directed learning while conducting research away from the University setting
Circles of Influence Annual Giving, May 2012 – December 2012.

Grant Holder: Dr Jonathan Ives, Prof Heather Draper, Dr Lisa Jones

Students registered on the one-year intercalated BMedSc Population Sciences and Humanities (PoSH) have to learn a range of research skills in a short time. Whilst evaluation suggests the student experience on this programme is highly rated, we are continually looking for ways to meet the University’s strategic objective to ‘provide our students with a distinctive high quality experience’. Lectures are used to introduce key skills, with research clinics available for one-to-one teaching, but students still struggle when they come to apply these newly ‘learned’ skills in a real setting. Students benefit from continued skills teaching and recap opportunities whilst they are designing and conducting their own research – but as this research often takes place outside of (and across) the UK, this is difficult to achieve. The PoRTEL project will create a web-based (downloadable) audio-visual library that demonstrates and exemplifies core research skills, to which students can refer in their own time and from any location.