Research Ethics

Research ethics is a growing area of interest for members of MESH. Recent work has focused on the issue of informed consent in research, how methodological issues relate to ethical issues, and conceptual work on distinctions between surveillance, research and practice.

Current Projects

Previous Projects

  • What do potential research participants understand about patient reported outcome measurement and management? An investigation of trial information provision, MRC Midland Hub for Trial Methodology 2014
  • Improving the quality of information given to potential research participants: an unfolding information sheet template and pilot work for application for further funding, MRC Midlands Methodologies Hub 2013-14
  • Evaluation of patient reported outcomes in clinical trials: systematic review of trial protocols, NSPCR 2013-14
  • Design and manufacture of novel food structures for the targeted delivery of bioactive components to the large intestine  2012
  • The Methodological and Ethical Issues Associated with Health-Related Quality of Life Measurement in Clinical Trials: (ME-QOL) 2011-13
  • The use of electronic participant information sheets as a means of tailoring information to the needs of potential research participants, MRC Trials Methodology Hub 2009-13
  • TAMBA Heritability Study – embedded study on unfolding electronic participant information sheets THINKWELL Initiative 2008-11
  • Detection Technologies, Terrorism, Ethics and Human Rights (DETECTER) EU FP7 (securities) 2008-11