An exploration of current knowledge and barriers to VTE prevention

Little is known about the role of primary care in thromboprophylaxis and the information high risk patients receive prior to hospital admission or after discharge. The majority of VTE episodes occur days or weeks after a patient has been discharged from hospital. Primary healthcare professionals initially responsible for patient care often remain unaware that a patient has experienced an event. Coordinated care and the integrated management of thromboprophylaxis between hospital and the community are essential. This study will explore existing knowledge and the perceived role of primary care in thromboprophylaxis. Primary health care professionals, acute trusts and other relevant organisations will be recruited to take part in the study. In addition, patients will be surveyed regarding their attitudes to receiving thromboprophylaxis and their awareness, knowledge and experience of VTE risk and assessment at each stage of their engagement with VTE prevention.


Dr Lorraine McFarland
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