Ethnicity and Health

Ethnicity and health: This is an expanding program of work with national and international collaborations. Recently completed studies include the largest community heart failure screening study amongst South Asians and Black African-Caribbean groups - E-ECHOES (Gill, Calvert); the RS3 study (Gill,Aveyard) with colleagues from Edinburgh, Newcastle and London BEACHeS ( - Gill, Daley) and the need for and provision of interpreting services in primary care study (Gill, Calvert, Freemantle). Methodological research focuses on increasing recruitment to trials and other studies funded by the NSPCR (Under representation of minority ethnic groups in research: barriers and facilitators).

Gill is a member of the NICE Primary Care Quality and Outcomes Framework Indicator

Advisory Committee , the NICE Topic Selection Panel on Vascular & Metabolic Conditions; DH Tackling Health Inequalities in Diabetes Working Group; and continues to serve on national charities: as regional patron of the ‘The South Asian Health Foundation’ ( and as trustee for ‘The Healthy Hearts Institute’ (