SCOT - Standard Care Versus Celebrex Outcome Trial

We are currently undertaking the SCOT study (Standard Care Versus Celebrex Outcome Trial) funded by Pfizer in collaboration with Dundee University.

The SCOT study is designed to compare the cardiovascular safety of Celecoxib compared to traditional, non-selective NSAIDs. There is good evidence to show that Celecoxib and other Cox-2 inhibitors have less upper gastrointestinal toxicity than traditional NSAIDs but both groups of drug may also be associated with cardiovascular and renal disorders. The SCOT study will clarify the cardiovascular and overall safety of Celecoxib as well as provide useful information about the comparative safety of the most commonly prescribed traditional NSAIDs.

SCOT is being implemented over a number of sites in Scotland, England, Denmark and the Netherlands. As of October 2011 561 Practices have joined the SCOT Study (all sites), over 7000 patients screened and of those potential patients 5224 have been randomised.

Locally, we are currently recruiting further General Practices throughout Birmingham and Black Country, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Sussex and Surrey, and will continue to recruit patients until the expected end date of the study in mid 2012.

For further information contact:

Rachel Iles – Birmingham Site Manager on