PATHWAY Hypertension Studies   

The PATHWAY program comprises of three BHF-funded complementary studies which have been designed by eight senior investigators in the British Society of Hypertension specialists Society. The aim of this study is to conclude the best method of treatment for patients with hypertension. There are three distinct pathways that comprise the study.

PATHWAY 1 - Monotherapy versus Dual Therapy for Initial Treatment for Hypertension
Pathway 1 is testing the hypothesis that treating hypertension with a combination of two drugs from the outset results in better blood pressure control than when one drug is initially prescribed.

PATHWAY 2 - Optimal Treatment of Drug Resistant Hypertension
Pathway 2 is investigating how best to treat high blood pressure in patients where the traditional standard combination of three drugs has not been sufficient to achieve recommended targets.

PATHWAY 3 – Comparison of single and combination diuretics in low-renin hypertension
Pathway 3 is aimed at determining how best to treat high blood pressure in patients receiving diuretic therapy (alone or as a combination with other blood pressure pills) and if one diuretic is better at controlling blood sugars in a population who may be at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

A total of 1400 patients will be recruited into the three studies, from 10 study sites across the UK. Locally we have so far initiated this study in Birmingham and Black Country General Practices, utilising our dedicated University research nurse.

Please contact Rachel Iles - Birmingham Site Manager on / 0121 414 2691 or Lucy Hughes – Birmingham Site Trial Administrator on / 0800 694 0393.