The rehabilitation research team carries out a range of research revolving around the theme of rehabilitation.

  • The team consists of allied health professionals and researchers from a variety of scientific backgrounds, with a common interest in health services research.
  • The team investigates the problems experienced by individuals with neurological, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal disabilities who are living in the community.

Current projects involve various research methods ranging from randomised clinical trials methodology to data analyses using large primary care databases. There is a particular focus on the problems experienced by older adults and the team works closely with service users to identify their most pressing problems.


Professor Cath Sackley, Professor of rehabilitation research
Dr Max Feltham, Research Fellow
Peter Bradburn, Research Nurse
Katie Stant, study coordinator – OTCH study
Catherine Hill, Research Assistant – OTCH study
Kerry Steele, Research Occupational Therapist – OTCH Study
Jenny O’Donnell, Research Assistant – FACE TIA Study
Grace Turner, Research Assistant – FACE TIA Study
Sheriden Bevan, Research Administrator/Facilitator – OTCH & FACE TIA studies
Nick Russell, Research Assistant – Military Trauma research
Ed Savill, Research Assistant – RESULT study
Pauline Christmas, PhD student – CATCH Trial
Paul Jepson, PhD student – PROOF THR study
Ben Eaton, PhD studentNicola Brittle, MPhil Student
Adam Walker, Data Entry
Ed Savill, Research Assistant – RESULT study



Pauline Christmas
Degree studying towards: PhD

Title: Constraint induced movement therapy: A trial in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy

Supervisors: Professor Cath Sackley, Dr Tom Hoppitt, Dr Carole Cummins

Paul Jepson
Degree studying towards: PhD

Title: Pilot randomised controlled trial of occupational therapy following total hip replacement

Supervisors: Professor Cath Sackley, Dr Tom Hoppitt

Ben Eaton
Degree studying towards: PhD

Title: Discrete event simulation modelling to improve cost utility estimation

Supervisors: Professor Cath Sackley, Dr Tom Hoppitt

Nicola Brittle
Degree studying towards: MPhil

Title: A controlled cohort study of functional, cognitive and emotional outcomes after Transient Ischemic Attack

Supervisors: Professor Cath Sackley, Professor Jonathan Mant



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RESULT - £392,000 Department of Health, Policy Research Programme – Start October 2008
OTCH - £1.44 million NIHR, Health Technology Assessment, Start October 2009

FACE TIA - £80,000 National School for Primary Care Research – Start December 2010

PROOF THR - £57,000 West Midlands Strategic Health Authority Training Awarded to Paul Jepson – Start October 2010; Approx £80,000 awarded from RESTORE budget for OT costs (RESTORE is a NIHR Programme Grant based at University of Bristol) – Start October 2011

CATCH - £175,000 West Midlands Strategic Health Authority Training Awarded to Pauline Christmas – Start October 2009


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