Stakeholder Event


The interim Stakeholder Event was held on the 18th February 2009.  It was attended by clinicians, human resources managers, emergency planners, and senior members of the Department of Health and National Institute for Health Research.  The day was a great success.

The event focused around a presentation of the interim results of our project, and also included talks from Dr Helen Carter (West Midlands NHS) on  'Frontline human resources issues in a Pandemic - A view from the West Midlands', Professor Tony Barnett (LSE & London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine) on ' Researching behavioural responses to Pandemic Influenza in the UK' and Professor Lindsey Davies (Department of Health on 'Preparing for the next Influenza Pandemic'.

The event was well received by delegates, many of whom said how useful the research was to them, and indicated they would take ideas away from the event and use them to inform their work.

In the afternoon session delegates broke out into discussion groups in order to explore how the research presented could inform their practice and to identify any further information needs.