Patient Safety Research Portfolio (PSRP)

The Patient Safety Research Portfolio (PSRP) was set up to promote patient safety research in the wake of the publication of the Chief Medical Officer's An Organisation With A Memory, a report on learning from adverse events in the NHS.

PSRP was funded by the Policy Research Programme and the Department of Health, and reported directly to Sir Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer.

Briefing Papers

Adrian O'Dowd (Freelance Journalist) was commissioned by PSRP to produce a briefing paper for each research project commissioned under PSRP.

The aim of the briefing papers was to communicate key findings and recommendations (for practice, policy and further research) to a wider audience, including academics, NHS staff, patients and carers and policy makers.

The briefing papers available for the February 2009 conference formed the First Edition of PSRP Briefing Papers Report. A second/ final edition was released 2010 when the remaining projects had completed their work 

Go here to access the Briefing Papers and Final Reports