Regional Evaluation Panel (REP)

What was REP?

  • The REP was a health technology assessment service for West Midlands region Primary Care Trusts for the evaluation of emerging and traditional healthcare interventions (drugs, devices, procedures & settings)
  • The product was a systematic review, including the evaluation of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, produced by the West Midlands Health Technology Assessment Collaboration (WMHTAC)
  • Recommendations were then given based on the quality of evidence and the cost-utility of the intervention

The key features of REP Reports were:

  • Service derived topic supply (that answers questions that were of real value in current decision making)
  • Reports were high quality, reliable and timely
  • Reports incorporated an economic evaluation (usually with an estimate of cost-utility)
  • There were clear rules for a conclusion based on evidence and cost
  • There was shared responsibility (with an objective HTA produced by the project team and recommendations decided by a committee)
  • Primarily aimed at purchasers and health policy makers