Compatibility Issues

Reference Manager Version 11

Upgrading to Reference Manager Version 11 when some of your databases have been created using V9

We have recently upgraded our team from Version 9 to Version 11 Reference Manager and have found the following:

1. You are not able to open a V11 database in V9

Opening a V9 database within Version 11:

1. You are asked if you want to convert the V9 database to V11

2. If you don’t convert you are unable to edit the references in Reference Manager but you can insert them into a Word document and create a bibliography

3. You are also able to link to any web urls in a reference

Creating a Bibliography in Word when half of the references have been inserted using V9 and the other half V11:

1. With only the V11 database open it will try to look for the V9 refs so you have to either cancel or ignore before it will create the bibliography using only the V11 refs. 

2. The same happens when you only have V9 open, ie. a bibliography will be created using only the V9 refs

3. With both versions of Reference Manager open - when you generate the bibliography V9 CWYW will only create a bibliography for the V9 refs and V11 CWYW will only create a bibliography using the V11 refs. You will end up with two separate bibliographies.


If you open both databases in Version 11 (without having to upgrade the V9 database to V11) it WILL create the bibliography fully

Reference Manager Version 10

Reference Manager Version 10 is neither backward nor forward compatible. Existing version 8.5, 9 and 9.5 databases can only be read in version 10, they cannot be edited. However, they can be converted to version 10 format when prompted. It is important that you read the information below about using version 10 databases in previous versions before doing this. 

Databases created in  or converted to version 10 cannot be opened in previous versions of Reference Manager. However, if you wish to share/send a version 10 database with a user who only has an earlier version of Reference Manager there is a work around. The version 10 database can be viewed in an earlier version, minus any fields exclusive to version 10, by rebuilding it in the earlier version. To do this: 

  • Send/give the database file (.rmd extension), to the person with the earlier version of RM (you do not need to send the template file (.rmx extension) as a new one will be created automatically once the database has been rebuilt)
  • In the old version of RM select rebuild from the Tools menu, browse to the file or enter the file name in the Database to Rebuild section
    li> Click on the Rebuild button. This converts the database to the old version. Any data in RM 10 specific fields will be lost, as these fields will not exist in the earlier version. Further more if you wish to use this rebuilt database in version 10 it will be available as Read Only unless you covert it back to version 10.

(For School of HaPS users please contact Lesley Clarke for assistance, to report problems or to add info to this document.)