Versions Available:

The Reference Manager software is available either under Site Licence or a Personal licence. The software runs under Windows.

Site licence

The University of Birmingham has purchased a site license for Reference Manager. Information on this license is available from the IS website. The College of Medicine has paid for the right for all staff within the School to use the software.

Personal Licence

You can obtain a personal copy (at a reduced price) from two places.

1.  A copy can be purchased from the Site Licence Software Office in the Learning Centre, more information and prices can be found at

2.  A copy can be purchased from Adept Scientific -    Log in where it says "My Institution is a member of the UK Access Management Federation" and use your Active Directory University username and password.  You will then see a list of prices at a reduced rate.

You can also download a trial version from the ISI ResearchSoft homepage 

School of HaPS only

In the School of HaPS the network version of Reference Manager 11 is available from the applications drive. The programme should only be installed on a work station by a member of the IT team or Lesley Clarke. This is because as part of the site license a list must be kept of all the machines on which the software is installed. Furthermore, there are some installation issues which need to be taken into consideration to ensure that the software performs adequately.

If you wish to have Reference Manager 11 installed on your workstation please contact either the IT support desk or Lesley Clarke.