Who are we?

The West Midlands Central HIEC has been awarded nearly £1.2 million to be used to establish the HIEC for 2 years commencing 1st April 2010.

Through discussions with our partners we have established 3 cross cutting themes. The themes reflect the concept of the original aims of the HIECs and include: 

1) Education Mapping, Quality and Advisory Service will...

  • map provision of regional post qualification education and training
  • add to existing workforce planning data
  • promote multi-professional training where it has been shown to improve quality
  • extend existing work on systematic reviews of effective education
  • draw upon emerging work on the economics of training of the healthcare workforce
  • support development work on blended learning
  • develop primary research question
  • develop a model for the future of workforce planning

2) Service Improvement through Knowledge Exchange, Innovation and Re-design Service will...

  • facilitate the uptake of new knowledge into education, clinical practice and service through monitoring and feedback on:
  • an immediate cycle through extended computerised decision support capability
  • a short cycle through measurement and feedback of safe and evidence based care
  • a longer cycle through dissemination of quality observatory and institute data into education, practice and service delivery
  • promote innovations in service delivery by upgrading the service user pathway;
  • business processes and engineering processes (called Service Change through
  • Innovation, Education and Training (SCIET) process).
  • support greater integration of service development and workforce expertise by utilising lessons learnt and in collaboration with Warwick & Keele.

3) Industry and Technical Innovation Service will...

  • ensure effective evidence based adoption of technology by acting as a network node for organisations involved in development, regulation, assessment, purchase and adoption of innovative health products. Use the network role to accelerate innovation uptake in collaboration with organisations such as MedilinkWM and MidTECH
  • bring health economic skills into decision making in the early stages of product development.

The WMC HIEC Model

By interaction through these cross-cutting themes the aims of the HIEC can be realised. In the first 2 years we will concentrate on two topics prioritised with our partners to test whether the activities associated with the themes outlined above will bring about the changes and improvements in the quality of patient care.

These topics are:

1.the use of simulation as an education and training method
2.the use of home therapies in end stage renal failure (Chronic Kidney Disease)