The ICECAP Close Person Measure (ICECAP-CPM) has been developed as a tool for use in economic evaluation conducted in an end of life setting. 

The measure is for use with those close to the patient and covers:

  1. Good communication with services
  2. Privacy and space to be with the loved one
  3. Emotional support
  4. Practical support
  5. Being able to prepare and cope
  6. Being free from emotional distress related to the condition of the decedent

The selection of the attributes for ICECAP-CPM (Close Person Measure) is described in:

Canaway A, Al-Janabi H, Kinghorn P, Bailey C, Coast J.  Development of a measure to capture the benefits of end of life care to those close to the dying for use in economic evaluationPalliative Medicine.  Online first: doi: 10.1177/0269216316650616

ICECAP-CPM Questionnaire

Here is the ICECAP-CPM questionnaire.

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