How to Join

The consent form asks that you sign three items of consent as shown below:

  • I am prepared to complete the questionnaire. Yes/No
  • I give my consent for the data on the completed questionnaire together with company employment details to be held in a computerised database at the University of Birmingham. Yes / No
  • I give my consent for my identifying particulars to be sent to the National Health Service Central Register (Office for National Statistics) so that any potential long-term health effects of RF exposure can be investigated statistically. Yes / No

The job history questionnaire which accompanies the consent form asks for the following information: 

1. Surname 
2. Forenames 
3. Date of Birth 
4. Gender 
5. Full Home Address (inc. postcode) OR first three characters of your postcode 
6. Job Title 
7. Length of time in current post (years) 
8. Total number of years employed in jobs involving radio frequency exposure 
9. Details of any known high exposure incidents 
10. Name of Current Employer

If you are interested in joining the register and are yet to receive details from us, then please contact us using the details below or email us at  

A copy of the information leaflet providing more information on the Register and the implications of joining can be found here: National Register of RF Workers 29.01.19v3.0

A copy of the consent form and job history questionnaire can be found here: ConsentForm

The National Register of RF Workers 

The Institute of Applied Health Research
The University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Tel: 0121 414 6006