Phase 2

phase2-bodyIn phase 2 we will test the modified programme, assessing its feasibility to deliver and acceptability to families. We will also test methods for use in a future study to find out the programme's effectiveness and its value for money.

As the existing programme is available to all overweight children, the new programme will be tested in children and families from all ethnic backgrounds. In this way we can explore whether the new programme is acceptable to Bangladeshi and Pakistani families, and also to families from other ethnic backgrounds.

We will recruit 80 families who have been referred to the Birmingham children's weight management service (60% will be Bangladeshi or Pakistani and 40% will be from other ethnic backgrounds). Families will be randomly allocated to the modified or existing weight management programme. We will calculate and compare the proportions of families completing the adapted programme and the existing programme. We will also take measurements from children and parents before they start the programme, immediately after the programme finishes, and 6 months after the programme. Measurements include measures of weight and body fat, food intake, physical activity levels, psychological assessments and assessments of parental behaviours.

The second phase of the study is currently in progress, and will be completed in February 2017