BCTU logo Aug 16The BCTU provides the scientific, technical and computing expertise needed to support clinical trial research from conception through to completion.

In 2016, the existing Birmingham Clinical Trial Unit and the Primary Care Clinical Research and Trials Unit came together to form an enlarged trials unit within the Institute of Applied Health Research. BCTU now employs over 100 staff, coordinating over 50 studies in primary and secondary care, across a wide spectrum of clinical conditions and in diverse populations.

BCTU is also a partner in the Birmingham Surgical Trials Consortium (BiSTC), one of five national surgical clinical trials units supported by the Royal College of Surgeons. BiSTC aims to improve surgical patient outcomes by delivering superior surgical clinical trials.

The BCTU’s principal function is to provide specialist input into all stages of academic clinical trial development from design to publication. The BCTU collaborates with a large number of clinical investigators at a local, national and international level. We welcome enquiries from investigators wishing to work with the BCTU.

The BCTU organises a triannual course in research methods for clinical trials which is designed to help researchers apply the most effective practical methods to answer key problems in clinical and other health care.

This unit receives National Institute for Health Research CTU Support Funding. This funding has been awarded to support the unit in developing and supporting NIHR research.NIHR_Logo_2019