Requesting Advice

support-and-advice-logoWhen to Approach the BCTU?

The earlier in the process advice is given the better.  This can be at the idea stage or when a study design has been formulated and the first draft of the funding applications and/or protocol are being written.  We ask that requests for help are made at least 12 weeks prior to any funding application deadline.

How do you request Advice?

The BCTU are part of the NIHR funded Research Design Service (RDS) for the West Midlands.  A request for help from the BCTU can be made by either:

Please note that any support and advice requests that come direct to BCTU will be reviewed to assess whether the request can be badged as an RDS query and if so, the query will also be entered onto the RDS central database by a member of BCTU.

On receipt of a request for help, a member of BCTU will contact you to arrange an appointment with one of the Unit statisticians or other appropriate member of BCTU staff.

University of Birmingham Principal Investigators - Intention to Submit Form

The University of Birmingham has an intention to submit process for research council and NIHR researcher-led funding applications where the Principal Investigator is a University of Birmingham employee.  An intention to submit form needs to be completed by the Principal Investigator and submitted to the Research Knowledge & Transfer Office no less than 12 weeks prior to the funding deadline.

Cost of the Service

The initial advice (which usually includes a face-to-face meeting) given by members of BCTU is offered free of charge.  If the project is not likely to be co-ordinated within or associated with BCTU, further limited support may be provided which depending on capacity, level of complexity and time may be provided free or is subject to a charge.