FOxTROT - Recruitment

The FOxTROT Trial has closed to recruitment

Recruitment target was reached in December 2016 and the trial is now in the follow up stage.

There are 94 centres are signed up to participate in the trial in the UK and across Europe.

The first patient was entered onto the study on 15th May 2008.  The 1053rd patient was recruited on 21st December 2016.

The first intermational patient was entered into FOxTROT Mar-2013 from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, since then 88 patients were entered from three recruiting centres in Denmark.  In January 2015 FOxTROT opened to recruitment at three recruiting centres in Sweden, with 16 patients entered.  

Current Status

Final FOxTROT Recruitment - December 2016
Total recruitment 1053
 % completion 100%
 Number of open centres  94

 If you would like to know your site recruitment status please contact the FOxTROT trial office.

International Centres