The IIH Weight Trial - Introduction

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Please read on for some information about what we are doing.

What is IIH?

Around 5000 people in the UK suffer from IIH.

IIH causes daily headaches and sight problems, and can lead to blindness. Most sufferers are obese young women.

What is the IIH Weight Trial?

We are running a clinical trial to test weight loss as a treatment for the condition. As part of this we want to recruit some women without IIH as a control group.

We would like to compare this control group to women with IIH to find out more about the disease and help treat it better in the future.

What it involves

If you agree to take part you will have an assessment day at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

We will refund your travel costs and offer up to £200 compensation for your time.

At the visit you will have eye tests, memory tests and nerve tests. You will also have a lumbar puncture and give some blood samples. You will complete some questionnaires about your health.

Can I take part?

To take part you must be female, between 18-55, and have a BMI of over 35kg/m2. You must not be pregnant, have IIH, or be using insulin for diabetes. You must be able to travel to Birmingham!

You can find out how to work out your BMI on the NHS website here:

How to take part

You can send a message to and we will get back to you to discuss helping us. Alternatively you can call us on 07554 116 234. We will call you back if you prefer.

The full patient information is available here.