The annual PD Trials Collaborators' Meetings usually bring together well over 100 doctors, nurses, therapists and research staff for updates and results from our portfolio of trials. Slides and further details are available below.

Feedback from 2012 Collaborators' Meeting "I think the care you have taken to involve and inform collaborators over the years has helped greatly in keeping us interested and involved and ultimately this has improved our care of patients with Parkinson’s"

Links to available presentation slides can be found below, ordered by year. If you wish to use any of the slides for any reason other than personal reference (i.e. in a presentation, newsletter) then please contact us at the Neuroscience Trials Office on 0121 415 9129 before doing so.

2013 Meetings

The 2013 Collaborators' Meeting was held at the Birmingham Holiday Inn on 26th September 2013. Available slides are:

Some slides from the meeting that include information due to be published are not yet available here.

2012 Meetings

The PD COMM Pilot Launch Meeting was held in Birmingham in January 2012 to mark the impending start of our latest study. There are no slides available from this meeting.

The Annual Collaborators' Meeting 2012 was held at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens on 6th July 2012. The only slides available from this meeting are:

2010 Meetings

The first results from the PD SURG trial were also presented at a separate PD SURG Collaborators' Meeting in January 2010. Unfortunately none of the presentations given are available to download.

The Annual Collaborators' Meeting 2010 was held at the Holiday Inn in Birmingham as well as the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in June 2010. Available slides are:

The 4th Therapists' PD REHAB Meeting was held at the Holiday Inn in Birmingham on November 26th 2010. Links to the available slides can be found below:

Annual Collaborators' Meetings have in fact been held in Birmingham every year since 1999 but are not listed here as the newer presentations are likely to be of more interest.

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