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Recently published subgroup analysis by Popplewell et al. of patients randomised into the original BASIL trial with infrapopliteal disease reafirming the need for RCTs such as BASIL-2 and BEST-CLI; Read the article here.

Recently published retrospective analysis by Darling et al. demonstrating "improved 6-month wound
healing, higher freedom from restenosis, improved patency rates, significantly fewer reinterventions, and higher survival [within 3 years]" for primary bypass over primary angioplasty /stent; Read the article here

Recently published article by Barry Katzen on "Endovascular therapy for critical limb ischaemia: When is enough, enough?"; Read the article here.  


Basil 2 is a multi-centre randomised controlled trial to find out if a ‘vein bypass first’ or a ‘best endovascular first’ revascularisation strategy is best, in terms of either clinical or cost-effectiveness, for severe limb ischaemia due to infra-popliteal disease.

Severe limb ischemia is the most severe form of lower limb peripheral artery disease and is a seriously disabling, life and limb threatening, condition. The aim of BASIL-2 is to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of these interventions  for people with severe limb ischaemia.


The BASIL-2 Trial is funded by a NIHR Health Technology Assessment grant (project number 12/35/45)

Trial Progress

Basil-2 officialy began its recruitment phase in July 2014 with its first randomisation from the lead centre (Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust).

As of 30 Sep 2017, a total of 40 clinical centres are open to recruit to the Basil-2 trial; 44 in England, 5 in Scotland, 2 in Wales, 3 in Denmark, and 1 in Sweden.  Thirty-nine of the 40 clinical centres have cumulatively recruited 247 participants. 

BASIL-2 Trial Centres

BASIL-2 Trial Centres
Trial Centre Date Green Light Issued
 Heartlands 11/06/2014 
 Newcastle General 11/07/2014 
 Southampton 02/09/2014 
 Russell's Hall 29/09/2014 
 Hull & York Hospitals 30/09/2014 
 North Durham 17/10/2014 
 Sheffield 17/10/2014 
 South Manchester 21/10/2014 
 Aberdeen 07/11/2014 
 Leeds Teaching Hospital 10/11/2014 
 Worcester 02/12/2014 
 Imperial 10/12/2014 
 Royal Free, London 12/12/2014 
 Guy's and St. Thomas' 13/01/2015 
 Royal Cornwall 03/02/2015 
 UHB 06/02/2015 
 Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospital 09/02/2015 
 St George's 16/02/2015 
 North Cumbria 16/02/2015 
 Leicester 04/03/2015 
 Western Infirmary, Glasgow 04/03/2015 
 Frimley Park 09/03/2015 
 Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh 20/03/2015 
 UHCW 27/03/2015 
 Oxford 24/04/2015 
 Northwest London (Northwick Park) 28/05/2015 
 Manchester Royal 28/05/2015 
 Ninewells, Dundee (NHS Tayside) 17/06/2015 
 Addenbrookes 23/06/2015 
 Royal Bournemouth 24/07/2015 
 James Cook 27/07/2015
 Kent & Canterbury 27/07/2015 
 Norfolk & Norwich 10/08/2015 
 Cardiff (UHW) 13/08/2015 
 Royal Sussex 19/08/2015 
 Royal Oldham 14/09/2015 
 Colchester General 22/09/2015 
 Doncaster Royal Infirmary 28/09/2015 
 Barts and the London 02/10/2015
 York 14/10/2015
 Torbay 25/11/2015
 Royal Blackburn 03/12/2015 
 United Lincolnshire Hospitals 06/01/2016 
 Gloucester Hospitals 29/01/2016 
 Portsmouth (Queen Alexandra) 01/03/2016 
 Taunton 16/03/2016
 Kolding (Denmark) 18/04/2016 
 Royal Preston 11/05/2016 
 Southmead (Bristol) 16/05/2016
Bradford Royal Infirmary 14/09/2016
Sodersjukhuset (sweden) 01/12/2016
Aarlborg (Denmark) 03/04/2017
Stirling (NHS Forth Valley) 04/04/2017
Odense (Denmark) 12/06/2017

You can also see our clinical centres on the map.

Current BASIL-2 Recruitment (as of end of September 2017)

projection overall


For a more in depth overview of recruitment to BASIL-2, visit our recruitment page.