PREDNOS 2 Study - Poster

The PREDNOS 2 Study poster can be used by sites to advertise the study to interested members of staff and  as a reminder for participating clinical staff but not for advertising to patients. 

PREDNOS 2 Publication

The PREDNOS 2 protocol paper was published in May 2014:

Webb NJA, Booth J, Brettell EA, Bockenhauer D, Christian M, Cook W, Finlay ER, Frew E, Gilbert RD, Hall AS, Hegde S, Ives NJ, Jones C, Koziell A, Maxwell H, McKeever K, Milford DV, Saleem MA; the PREDNOS 2 study group. The PREDNOS 2 study: short course daily prednisolone therapy at the time of upper respiratory tract infection in children with relapsing steroid sensitive nephrotic syndrome. Trials, 27th April 2014; 15:147.

The full paper is available here.