Specialist Groups

The CRCTU houses a number of specialist groups with core funding from sources other than Cancer Research UK.    

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Liver Medicine Biomedical Research Unit Clinical Trials...

nihrcolb logoLead: Professor David Adams

Team: Early Drug Development

Funded by NIHR Biomedical Research Unit (BRU) Programme.

This group’s remit is to develop phase I and II academic clinical trials in all liver disease including biological therapies (stem cell, vaccines), transplantation, liver cirrhosis, Primary Billiary Cirrhosis, liver cancer and other diseases which affect the liver (Autoimmune, Hepatitis B & C etc.).

Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research (LLR) Funded Groups...

Quote from Professor Craddock "Every doctor will tell you that they are routinely turning down promising new drugs because they don't have the resources to conduct early stage clinical trials. We have a moral case for getting new drugs out there as soon as possible - if you have a relative with a blood cancer, you don't want life-saving treatment available in 10 years. You want it now."


Lead: Professor Charles Craddock LLRLogo

Team: Haematology

LLR Early Phase Trials Group
The group takes academic trial ideas in haematological malignancy and lymphoma from concept to grant submission. Its Trial Coordinators and Statistician are experienced in trial designs for early phase studies.

Therapy Acceleration Programme Group (TAP)
The TAP’s remit is to develop and manage academic early phase trials in haematological malignancy and lymphoma supported by a network of clinical centres.