EE99: EUROpean Ewing tumour working initiative of national groups - Ewing tumour studies 1999
 Chief Investigator:
 Bernadette Brennan
 Sponsor:  University of Birmingham
 Funder:  CTAAC
Disease Site:   Sarcoma
 Trial Type:   Clinical Trial of an Investigational Medicinal Product
 Status: Closed
 UKCRN Study ID (if applicable):  1070
 ISRCTN Referance Number:  61438620
 Open to New Sites?  No
 Recruitment Start Date:  09-May-2000
 Recruitment End Date:  03-Mar-2014
 CRCTU Trial Management Team:  CCTT
 Trial Email Address:

Trial Summary

This trial is closed.

This trial is looking at chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy for children, young people and adults with Ewing’s sarcoma or primitive neuroectodermal tumour (PNET). Ewing's sarcoma and peripheral Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumour (PNET) are similar types of cancer mostly affecting teenagers, young adults and children. These cancers mainly develop in or near the bones. Ewing's sarcoma and PNET are usually treated with chemotherapy first. This is usually followed by surgery, radiotherapy and further chemotherapy, or a combination of these. This trials compares several different combinations of chemotherapy drugs to see if they are more effective or have fewer side effects than the standard treatments normally used.

This trial is supported by Cancer Research UK.

Please note that the trials team cannot give individual’s clinical advice. Patients and their families should contact their treating physician to discuss trials.

Trial Protocol

Please Note:
This trial has now closed to recruitment.

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