IMSR Seminar Series: Fiona Mackie and Julia Ast

N143 (IBR Seminar room)
Lectures Talks and Workshops, Medical and Dental Sciences
Friday 17th November 2017 (13:00-14:00)
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All welcome.  No registration required.

IMSR Seminar Series – Research Seminar 

Fiona Mackie
Fiona Mackie photo
'The prediction, diagnosis and management of complications in monochorionic twin pregnancies'
Fiona is a Clinical Research Fellow based at Birmingham Women’s Hospital and is currently in the 3rd year of her clinical PhD focusing on the complications of monochorionic (identical) twin pregnancies. Monochorionic twins are at high-risk of serious complications unique to monochorionic twinning, such as twin-twin transfusion syndrome, because the twins share one placenta. This allows inter-twin placental vascular anastomoses to form, thus enabling blood flow between the twins which can become unbalanced. Her PhD includes investigating: existing prognostic factors; novel prognostic factors such as metabolites and microRNA; clinical prognostic modelling; and exploring the effects that these complications and their treatments have on parents psychologically.
Fiona graduated from the University of Manchester in 2011 with an MBChB (with Spanish) and a MRes in Maternal and Fetal Medicine. Her MRes focused on placental changes seen in  folate deficiency in teenage pregnancy and involved in-vivo and in-vitro work. Fiona moved to Birmingham in 2013 as an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and performed a large systematic review of non-invasive prenatal testing test accuracy. She successfully obtained funding from the Richard and Jack Wiseman Trust for her PhD in her 2nd year as an ACF, and will return to clinical training in April 2018.
 Julia Ast
Julia Ast photo
'Reversible activation of a G protein-coupled receptor using tethered pharmacology'
Julia studied molecular biology and genetics in Marburg, Germany, and Salzburg, Austria. She undertook a PhD at the University of Marburg, studying intracellular protein transport and the peroxisomal proteome. For the last year she has been a part of Professor David Hodson’s islet biology group, where she is interested in novel ligands for the conditional activation of GLP-1 receptor.