IMSR Seminar Series: 'Teaching an old dog new tricks - Sandell-Kolthoff-based assays in thyroid research'

Level 2 IBR Seminar Room
Lectures Talks and Workshops, Medical and Dental Sciences
Friday 24th March 2017 (13:00-14:00)
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IMSR Seminar Series – Research Seminar 

‘Teaching an old dog new tricks - Sandell-Kolthoff-based assays in thyroid research’


 Kostja Renko

Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Born in 1978 in Berlin, Kostja studied biotechnology and was awarded his diploma at the TU Berlin (Berlin Institute of Technology) in 2004. During his diploma thesis, he worked on the topic of the“Regulation of Selenoproteins in Acute phase Reaction” at the “Institute for Experimental Endocrinology” at the Charité, continuing and expending this work in a PhD thesis about the interplay of selenoproteins and Se-supply with the growth hormone axis.

A member of the graduate school on "Hormonal Regulation of Energy Metabolism, Body Weight and Growth", Kostja finished his thesis in 2009 and continued working on thyroid hormone axis-related topics, e.g. effect of secondary plant metabolites from brassica spec on various key functions and enzymes of thyroid hormone biosynthesis and their beneficial effects on colon cancer.

Other related projects: the disrupting effects of aminoglycoside antibiotics on selenoprotein biosynthesis (project leader) and research on the effects and detection methods for new thyroid hormones and their metabolites.

Since 2012 Kostja has continuously worked on techniques using the classical photometric method for iodine determination, the so called “Sandell-Kolthoff-reaction” to complement and/or replace radioactive assays in basic thyroid research.