IMSR Seminar Series Adrenal cortex self-renewal

N143 (IBR Seminar room)
International, Lectures Talks and Workshops, Medical and Dental Sciences, Research
Friday 1st March 2019 (13:00-14:00)
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As part of the 2019 IMSR Seminar Series, Dr Leonardo Guasti, Senior Lecturer in Endocrinology and BBSRC New Investigator, will give a talk on 

'Adrenal cortex self-renewal in the experimental animal and in humans: implication for ardrenocortical carcinoma.'

Leonardo Guasti holds degrees from the University of Florence, Italy,  (BSc Biological sciences, MS in Pathophysiology, PhD in Clinical and Experimental Oncology), where he was a recipient of an Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei Fellowship (the oldest scientific Academy world-wide). He is also Fulbright Fellow (distinguished scholar award, University of Tulsa, USA 2001-2004). Leonardo started his independent career at the William Harvey Research Institute’s Centre for Endocrinology, Queen Mary University of London,  in 2012 as a lecturer/BBSRC new investigator. His main research interests include i) studying signalling pathways regulating adrenal cortex development and function in health and disease and ii) strategies aimed at generating long-lived and functional adrenocortical-like cells through cellular reprogramming for devising new treatment modalities for adrenal insufficiency. 

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