IMSR Seminar Series CSF production – we know so much and yet understand so little

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Wednesday 27th February 2019 (15:00-16:00)
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As part of the 2019 IMSR Seminar Series, Professor Nanna MacAulay, Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen, will give a talk on 'CSF production – we know so much and yet understand so little; cotransport of water as a contributing mechanism.'

The scientific focus of Professor MacAulay's laboratory is the molecular mechanisms underlying ion- and water homeostasis in the mammalian brain. Of particular interest is cerebrospinal fluid production and regulation in physiology and pathophysiology in addition to the water movement associated with focal dendritic swelling occurring with ischemia-induced spreading depolarization, astrocytic cell swelling during neuronal activity and under pathology, and brain edema formation. Professor MacAuglay's scientific background in the fields of neurophysiology and cellular water transport combined with her laboratory’s palette of complementary experimental techniques enable us to advance the field of brain fluid dynamics in a manner coupling molecular and biophysical approaches with in vivo studies.

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