IMSR Seminar Series Novel molecular targets for SGLT2 inhibitors and vitamin D: a tale of two channels

N143 (IBR Seminar room)
Lectures Talks and Workshops, Medical and Dental Sciences, Research, Students
Tuesday 15th October 2019 (15:00-16:00)
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Melissa Lowndes -

The research laboratory of Dr. Peter Light is located in the Alberta Diabetes Institute, University of Alberta. His lab researches on transport processes controlling cellular excitability, utilizing a combination of electrophysiological, live-cell imaging, biochemical and molecular techniques to study the biophysics, physiology and pharmacology of ion channels and exchangers at the molecular, cellular, organ and whole organism levels.

Currently, his lab is studying the following:

• The ionic and metabolic events that lead to cellular dysfunction in the heart and endocrine pancreas.

• The physiology and pathophysiology of human pancreatic islets with respect to incretin biology.

• The design and development of small molecules for the treatment of heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias and type 2 diabetes.

• Molecular engineering of T-reg immune cells for the treatment of Type1 diabetes.

• ATP-sensitive potassium channel function and molecular pharmacology.

• Anti-diabetic drug pharmacology and cardiovascular safety.

• Molecular optogenetic approaches for the engineering of subcutaneous adipocytes.

• Endogenous light-sensitive signaling pathways in subcutaneous adipocytes.

His research program is currently funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Alberta Diabetes Foundation.

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