Facilities and Equipment

CHART offers non-destructive and destructive, macro scale 3D analysis through to nano scale chemical composition, providing a complete, client centred, cutting edge, material characterisation service. 

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Micro CT

micro ct

Our Micro CT scanner can be used to capture details and measurements of internal features of parts. This can be vital for quality control and failure analysis across a number of industries.


Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopes


Talos-1---from-David-Beemer---Cleared-for-use-by-FEIThe CHART project boasts an FEI Talos F200X scanning/transmission electron microscope. It is ideal for advanced reseach and analysis. It can reveal atomic structure, defects, grain and interfaces of solid materials.






Optical Tomography


robometOur automated serial sectioner: Robomet, is an efficient and precise way of producing a high quality three dimensional microstructural investigation.





X-Ray Fluorescence 


xrfOur X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer offers an effective way to perform rapid multi-elemental analysis.