Group Members

Below are the list of the members for the Energy Materials Group:

Group lead

Postdoctoral Researchers

Brij Kishore

Brij Kishore received his Ph.D. degree from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India. He joined as a research fellow in the Energy Materials Group. He is currently working on the NATIVE Innovate UK project which looks into Na-ion batteries for automotive power applications. His research interests are development of novel electrode materials and electrolyte additives for Na-ion batteries.


David Burnett

David is part of the newly formed Energy Materials group, moving from the Electrochemical Energy Materials within the Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) at WMG. Prior to this he was in the Chemistry Department of the University of Warwick, undertaking masters, doctorate and postdoctoral work under Professor Richard Walton. His research over the last 7 years was primarily focused on the synthesis and characterisation of mixed metal oxides, metal organic frameworks and co-ordination polymers, for use in PEM fuel cells and Biomass conversion. Recently transitioning into battery research, with  focus on electrode formulation and the production of demonstrator cells, working on both UK-NVBSC and SCALE-UP projects, aiming to produce both high power and high energy Li-ion cells.

Dominika Gastol

Dominika Gastol obtained her PhD in microengineering at Cranfield University. She gained  postdoctoral experience at Poznan University of Technology, working on energy storage devices, i.e. electrochemical, hybrid and micro-capacitors. Then, joined WMG Electrochemical Materials and Battery Manufacturing Group at University of Warwick to work on precision deposition of battery electrodes. Currently, working on recycling and remanufacturing routes of batteries from electric vehicles at University of Birmingham.

Dominika’s research interests cover: New electrode architectures for high power/energy devices, battery components remanufacturing and 3D imaging techniques.



Lin Chen

Lin Chen received her PhD in Sciences and Technologies in Chemistry and Materials in Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Genova, Italy). She is currently holding a Research Fellow position the Energy Materials Group at The School of Metallurgy & Materials, conducting research on the development of materials for electrochemical devices like Na- and Li-ion batteries on the NATIVE project.

Scott Gorman

Scott is a Research Fellow in the recently formed the Energy Materials Group. His research interests are focused on the development and scale-up of new materials, manufacturing processes, and testing for energy storage/conversion applications. Since 2010 he has contributed toward projects on energy storage technologies spanning from micro-batteries to grid energy storage with a variety of chemistries at multiple UK academic institutions as well as stint at a spin out company. He is currently working in the area of all solid-state lithium-ion battery materials on a project entitled MOSSES which is aiming to develop solid-state batteries for high performance automotive applications.



Tanveer Pathan

Tanveer is also one of the Research Fellows in the recently formed Energy Materials group headed by Prof. Emma Kendrick. His research interests are focused on the life-time and cycle life of lithium ion batteries. His research focusses on the initial formation of the batteries that subsequently determines the cycle life and overall performance of the battery. The research work is based on the use electrochemical methods to improve cycle life and capacity retention of existing and newly developed battery chemistries on the SCALE-UP project.

Tanveer obtained his undergraduate degree in Chemistry and attained his Masters with First Class distinction from Loughborough University. He has worked at Tata Steel UK where he worked in the Coated Products Department. He completed his PhD in Electrochemistry at the Electrochemical Innovation Lab in the Department of Chemical Engineering at UCL in 2017. After his PhD, he was at WMG, University of Warwick working on characterisation of lithium ion batteries until he moved to University of Birmingham in March 2019.






PhD Students


Kieran O’Regan

Kieran joined the Energy Materials Group as a new PhD student in October 2018. He is currently working under the Faraday Institution on the Multi-Scale Modelling fast-start project. He is looking into the effect of electrode manufacturing on model parameters, specifically, the effect of calendaring on electrode microstructure and its influence on battery performance – the projects aim is to determine a structure-property relationship for electrodes.

Kieran has been researching energy materials and devices for the past three years at Nottingham University, Warwick Manufacturing Group, Southampton University, Johnson Matthey, and the Research Complex at Harwell. He completed a degree in Natural Sciences (MSci) and a dissertation on ‘developing novel ionic liquid electrolytes for thermoelectrochemical cells’, afterwards spending a year studying advanced characterisation (X-rays, neutrons, and muons) of lithium-ion battery materials.




Keiron Noble-Vickrage

Keiron joined the Energy Materials Group as a PhD student in October 2017 under the supervision of Professor Emma Kendrick, Professor Richard Walton (University of Warwick), and Dr. Claire Dancer (WMG – University of Warwick). His current project consists of work on hybrid sodium-potassium battery materials, primarily looking at sulphates and mixed polyanion compounds. The aim of the project is to explore the relationship of two different intercalating ions and the effect on the material’s voltage. The project hopes to produce novel high voltage materials for the purpose of grid storage while also demonstrating the first hybrid-ion battery.

Keiron started his research career initially investigating novel perovskite and pyrochlore nickel-based materials for the dry reforming of syn-gas into stable chemical feedstocks. This research was carried out during his undergraduate master’s (MChem) at Keele University under the supervision of Dr. Richard Darton. However, previous projects he has undertaken have included investigation of methane reforming catalysts and the biosynthesis of cuticular hydrocarbons in Formica lugubris and Myrimca ribra via synthesising deuterium labelled substrates.

Samuel Roberts

Samuel joined the Energy Materials Group as a new PhD student in October 2017. He is currently undertaking a joint PhD with WMG, at the University of Warwick, and the University of Birmingham. His research is focused on the manufacture of electrodes for Na-ion batteries.

Samuel completed his integrated masters in Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham; where he researched zeolite materials for thermochemical energy storage, focused on improvements to thermal conductivity.



Chris Constable 

Christopher joined the Energy Materials Group in partnership with Faradion to pursue his Engineering Doctorate (EngD) in October 2018 at WMG, University of Warwick. Christopher’s current work is looking into innovative processes to improve the energy density of the sodium ion battery through the cell manufacturing process. A particular aspect of his current work is the investigation of sustainable battery systems and their effect on energy density and therefore financial viability upon scale-up.

Christopher received his degree in Chemical Engineering (MEng) from the University of Surrey in July 2018. His work in electrochemical systems and manufacturing has been further shaped by his placement in industry, working in the Fuel Cell Development team at Ceres Power for one year. His dissertation topic was on the use of aqueous binders in the formulation of cathode slurries for lithium ion batteries.






Chenghui Chen (Postdoctoral researcher, July 2018 - May 2019)