High Temperature Oxidation Group

Head of Group

Prof Hugh Evans


Dr Mary Taylor
Currently working on two projects in collaboration with Rolls-Royce Plc and Siemens UK respectively. Both projects entail the testing of high-temperature coatings for use in the hot sections of turbine engines. Testing procedures include both high-temperature oxidation and a novel method of high-temperature creep testing developed within the Group.

Ryan Jackson
A PhD project involving the oxidation testing of MCrAlY coatings (both HVOF and EV-PVD types) in order to determine oxidation rate kinetics, and also cracking phemonena such as sub-critical crack formation and growth. Testing techniques include static testing and subsequent characterisation using SEM (EDX and EBSD).

Ian Edmonds
An EngD project in collaboration with Rolls-Royce Plc, predominantly involving high-temperature testing of coated and uncoated alloys for use in the hot sections of turbine engines.

Frederica Schennach
A PhD project looking at early-stage oxide formation on the surface of platinum-aluminised coatings comprising adjacent grains of beta/gamma-prime phases. This work involves static furnace oxidation followed by the application of various advanced electron microscopy techniques (EBSD, XRD, and possibly TEM/FIB).