Centre events

There are no forthcoming events currently being advertised. Please check back soon.

Previous events:


8th December - Winter roundtable

7th December - The floating university and the politics of knowing in America and the interwar world'

28th November - Air power in the French empire: the armée de l'air in the Levant (1918-1940)

23rd November - We Are the World: The End of Empire and the Rise of Global Humanitarianism

16th November - MCH BRIHC: Forests, Fields, and Peasant Revolution: The 'Green Cadres' and the Collapse of the Habsburg Empire

9th November - The United Nations and Sanctions against South Africa, 1946-1965

19th October - Objects, Rituals and Money: Everyday material cultures and the Prosecution of Spiritual Healing in the Anglo-Creole Caribbean

5th October - Making the Brazilian Northeast: A Region within the Nation and the World (1924-1968)

23rd-24th September - Tea with the Sphinx: Ancient Egypt and the Modern Imagination

2nd-3rd June - The global Middle East in the age of speed

5th May - Arabic and Persian printing history and culture

27th April - The politics of the American army

9th March - Religion, Conversion and Identity among the Armenians of Safavid Iran

7th March - Malthus and China

3rd March - From Mudros to Lausanne: British Policy in the Near East, Greece and Turkey, 1918-1923

1st March - Deconstructing 'dynasty': lineage and ethnicity in the golden horde and central Europe

24th February - Contested Icons: Poland, Chile, and the Global Politics of Human Rights in the mid-1980s

3rd February - The emergency episteme of the 'tribe' in Afghanistan, 1850-2015

27th January-3rd April - Janet Mendelsohn: Varna Road

20th January - The Vanquished: Europe and the Aftermath of the Great War


4th December - Disentangling the World: The Politics of Autarky after the First World War

18th November - War as Adventure. The Experience of the Condor Legion in the Spanish Civil War'

13th November - Automating Data Extraction from Chinese Texts

11th November - An Old Warlord's Guide to World Peace and Love: Yan Xishan's Confucian Cosmopolitan International

6th November - (Auto)-Mobility in the global Middle East: defining the field

21st October - The Global Transformation of Time 1870 – 1950

9th July - Picturing Balsall Heath

9th-12th July - Ghost Streets Of Balsall Heath

25th March - Economic History as if People Mattered: A Workshop for Dr Francesca Carnevali

25th March - Modern and Contemporary History roundtable

18th March - Mrs Thatcher's peacock blue sari: ethnic minorities, electoral politics, and the Conservative Party, c.1951-1986

16th March - The Flood Pulse: The Social-Ecology of the 1931 Central China Flood

11th March - Taming the imperial imagination: sentiment, 'science', and colonial knowledge on the northwest frontier of India, 1857-­1878

4th March - Spotted throughout with red: Canadian state surveillance and the Women's Liberation Movement, 1969-1988

11th February - Modern and contemporary history seminar

5th February - Film screening: Nowhere to call home, a Tibetian in Bejing

4th February - Strategic internationalism: mandates, minorities, and problem of non-states in interwar international law

28th January - D-Day in Asia: Japan's Operation Ichigo in China of 1944

21st January - Viola Klein and the problem of married women's employment in post-war Britain


3rd December - Love in a box: Reflections on youth, texts and personhood in mid-20th century Egypt; and on the poetics of archive-making in the early 21st

26th November - A case of goats mingling with sheep? The identification and employment of civilian experts in the British Army of the First World War

26th November - A basket of food: Greece in the 1940s

19th November - Forging a feminist internationalisation: the British Women's International League between the wars

12th November - The Mixed Inheritance of Empire: Don Chesworth, Multiculturalism and the British Left

29th October - Chinese 'Illegalities' in Colonial Southeast Asia: Lessons from the Fin-de-Siècle Maritime World

22nd October - The Global War: British Strategy 1914-16

15th October - Global houses, global homes: mobility and migration in the long eighteenth century

8th October - Roundtable on Contemporary Global Environmental History

8th October - The 'Incorruptible Kodak': Photography, lantern slide lectures and cultures of colonial mission and humanitarianism in the Congo Reform Association 1904-1911

24th-25th June - The Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies 50 years on

12th May - Ruinscape and slumscape: picturing history and violence in global East Asia

26th March - The Limits of Solidarity: Europeanism, Anti-Colonialism and Socialism at the Congress of the Peoples of Europe, Asia and Africa in Puteaux, 1948

20th March - The Stuart Hall Project

19th March - Ban Polaris and Scrap the Force de Frappe: nationalism and internationalism in the first wave to ban-the-bomb in Britain

18th March - Ken Loach's 'Save the Children Fund Film'

12th March - Photographs of atrocity: lantern slides and humanitarian campaigns in the Belgian Congo in the early 20th century

5th March - Economy and Colonial History: German Togo and the Cotton Project

26th February - Matter matters: outlines of a historiographic provocation

12th February - Birmingham Centre for Modern and Contemporary History Annual Lecture

5th February - The global struggle for rubber in WWII

29th January - China Trans Formed: How Sex Changed from Colonial to Sinophone Modernity

22nd January - South Africa, 1960-1: from 'Wind of Change' to armed struggle

15th January - Water, Sovereignty and Global Science: The Grand Canal Project in China, 1910s-1930s


11th December - Modern and Contemporary History seminar Title TBA

4th December - 'Wales England Wed'? English-Welsh hybridity in the two world wars

27th November - Cities of vice: red light districts in Asian ports

20th November - Theft on the trains: cheminot behaviours in wartime

13th November - Saving the remnant or building a Soviet state? The dilemmas of international humanitarian intervention in early Soviet Armenia

30th October - Humanitarianism and humdrum internationalism: British society at the end of

23rd October - Thinking queer/Rethinking the interwar

16th October - 'Self-extermination or self-determination': the (re-)construction of east central Europe, 1917–23

9th October - 'Truth be told': some problems with historical revisionism in Kenya

2nd October - World in motion: professional circuits through 19th-century China

28th-29th June - New Times Revisited? Examining Society, Culture and Politics in the Long 1980s

2nd May - Getting Grants, Getting Published and Staying Sane? Life After the PhD

30th April - Birmingham Centre for Modern & Contemporary History annual lecture

25th April - Margaret Thatcher in modern British history

20th March - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

13th March - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

1st March - Imperial Humanitarianism

27th February - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

20th February - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

6th February - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

30th January - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

24th January - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

16th January - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

9th January - Modern and Contemporary History seminar