About the NAO – University of Birmingham Tax Centre

The NAO – University of Birmingham Tax Centre is an independent research centre bringing together practical and academic economic, financial and legal evidence – from the UK and internationally – to inform improvements in the administration of the tax system.

Taking a long-term view, as well as responding to shorter-term needs, the Tax Centre:

  • Makes accessible past and new research on tax.
  • Encourages debate, exchanges knowledge and stimulates ideas through workshops, conferences, and UK and international networks – for more please see our events and networks page.
  • Enables government bodies, academics and tax practitioners to discuss needs and practical challenges in a ‘safe place’.

In doing so, the Tax Centre will identify new skills needed and new areas for research, and help to develop the capacity to meet these needs. 

The Tax Centre partnership

The National Audit Office (NAO) brings extensive experience of providing the evidence to help Parliament hold government to account for the value for money of public spending. It is responsive to immediate issues and changing needs, including through its investigations into specific concerns. At the same time, its work across the whole of the public sector and its extensive experience give the NAO a long-term perspective on ways to improve the delivery of tax services and programmes.

The University of Birmingham brings a rigorous academic approach and blue-sky thinking. It operates as a safe harbour and incubator of ideas, and as the Tax Centre’s focal point for facilitating movement and secondment of people between different organisations. It also brings a far-sighted and holistic approach and world-class research, which provides the insights, ambitions and independence to inform and shape scientific and practical advances, strategies and evidence about effectiveness in tax administration.


The Tax Centre is led by a Steering Committee with members from the NAO and University of Birmingham. The Committee reviews the scope, progress and strategic direction of the Tax Centre. NAO and University of Birmingham outputs for the Tax Centre will meet the relevant quality standards of those bodies.

For further information about the Tax Centre, please contact us.

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