NAO-UoB Tax Centre workshop, Canada

McMaster University Canada
Thursday 19 April (09:00) - Friday 20 April 2018 (17:00)

The NAO – University of Birmingham Tax Centre is sponsoring this two-day workshop jointly with McMaster University, the Canadian Public Economics Group, Public Economics UK and the Canadian Parliamentary Budget Office (CBO).

Focusing on academic questions and practical concerns around how austerity and fiscal consolidation affect the administration and compliance of the tax system, the workshop will include:

  • Research presentation sessions around key questions and emerging findings in state-of-the-art public economics research, including:
    • insurance and efficiency in the design of public policies;
    • measuring individual taxpayers’ responses to public policies;
    • applying the insights of behavioral economics to public policy; and
    • addressing practical considerations in tax systems.
  • A discussion panel on the use of tax expenditures during times of fiscal consolidation
  • A session for graduate students to present their research for feedback and reflection from the participants.

For more information and/or expressions of interest in attending, please email

The NAO – University of Birmingham Tax Centre was launched in January 2018. For further information, visit the Tax Centre website.

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