Postgraduate degree courses

The University of Birmingham is one of the largest Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) establishments in the United Kingdom and is providing leadership for the National Higher Education STEM Programme. 

The Engineering and Physical Sciences College at the University of Birmingham incorporates seven Schools of Science and Engineering, providing a high-quality education and a robust foundation towards a fulfilling career in industry.

Nuclear/radiation taught postgraduate courses

The School of Physics and Astronomy offers two courses, each of which is usually taken as a one year programme where a taught element from October to May is followed by a fourteen week project. A two year modular mode is also available.

  • Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors Masters\MSc
    This demonstrates through close contact with the industry how nuclear power meets the energy and environmental challenges of the 21st century. Studentships are often sponsored by the nuclear generation industry in the UK and these provide excellent and effective entry routes into careers in this stimulating field for physicists, mathematicians, metallurgists or engineers. Career opportunities are aided by the fact that the project phase is usually undertaken within the industry.
  • MSc Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management
    This masters degree course is for students with science-based backgrounds, such as undergraduate degrees in Geosciences, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering, who are interested in a career in the Nuclear industry. There is currently skills shortage in this area, both within the UK and globally; this course was developed to address the need for high quality trained graduates in the nuclear industry.

Nuclear technology education consortium

NTECThe University of Birmingham is a consortium member of the Nuclear Technology Education Consortium (NTEC). The centre is responsible for coordinating a consortium of UK universities and research institutes to address the UK's nuclear skills shortage. NTEC delivers an innovative MSc and CPD programme in Nuclear Science & Technology.