Introduction to Phenome Centre Birmingham

pcb-logoPhenome Centre Birmingham has been developed as part of a £8M award from the MRC, four scientific instrument companies and the University of Birmingham as a state-of-the-art metabolic phenotyping centre to conduct both small-scale and large-scale studies in medical research and stratified medicine.

The centre will use two 600 MHz NMR spectrometers and eleven ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometers (UHPLC-MS) coupled with automated liquid handling robotics and high specification computational infrastructure to better understand metabolic perturbations in human health, ageing and disease. The centre has the capacity to analyse greater than 30,000 samples each year.

The objective of the collaborative research with our partners is to improve our mechanistic understanding of human diseases and ageing, to identify targets for interventions and to provide approaches for stratified medicine for prognosis, diagnosis and treatment.

The centre is primarily located in the School of Biosciences, College of Life and Environmental Sciences and in the Henry Wellcome Building for Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy at the University of Birmingham with capabilities for targeted assay deployment in clinical trials based at the Institute of Translational Medicine in Birmingham.

The laboratories in the School of Biosciences were refurbished in 2015, examples of the laboratories before and after are shown below.


May 2015
(molecular biology laboratory)


June 2015


September 2015